Next Up The Burbs

Despite the regular and current headlines about “Londoners abandoning the capital at highest rate for a decade” (The Guardian)  I still stick by my earlier blogs about London not being as overheated as many have been saying ( Having a home and an office in London’s “Metro-land” for 30 years and still feeling part of the city and part of life in London I can say with conviction that life doesn’t revolve around Hackney and Dalston. There is no doubt that some (much, most?) of the housing and streets around the stations along the Metropolitan Line and rail lines south out to the likes of Worcester Park can look dull and uninspiring but when you can still get a 3 bed house with a garden for the price of a 1 bed flat in parts of London, it’s got to be an option for those who put space above access to decent coffee shops and café’s.



So many of these suburban streets  have been made even uglier by front gardens being tarmacked over by previous car obsessed generations but with owning cars not being a priority for new generations and with car manufacturers working on rental models for their businesses. This can be reversed.

It was with great delight when a newsletter arrived from The Modern House and featured what a couple have done with this unremarkable suburban home.



I can’t find a photo from the street but a search for “typical suburban street in Worcester Park" throws up this and I reckon that this will be pretty accurate

street view

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